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We are a full-service video production company here to help you draw your audience closer through moving video content. We love everything about video. From producing to consulting to shooting! For questions or a list of projects we’ve partnered on, please ask!







OUR Production Proccess

Pre Production

We will collaborate with you to dream up the ideal video for your goals and needs. We will work with you before filming to find talent, help you develop your messaging/scripting, scout locations, and storyboard the production to make sure it communicates the right message. We also love co-producing to ensure a great final product.

Film It

Our production team will arrive early to set up and maintain a studio-like atmosphere whether that’s in your office or outside in the woods. We will bring top of the line cameras, lighting, and audio. We’ll follow our production strategy according to plan. We also will tear down in an orderly fashion and leave everything better than we found it.

Post Production

After filming, we carefully edit, color grade, design titles, add motion graphics, mix audio, and add visual effects. Our highest priority is delivering an incredible final product that will turn eyes, ears, and hearts. We will welcome feedback on our initial edit and hone in to make sure we’re achieving your goals.

The technical Stuff


We can film in raw formats and up to 6K video using our very own RED Epic Dragon, RED Epic Mysterium, and Canon cameras. We use Sigma cine, Carl Zeiss, and Canon glass for most productions. We also use special ND and laying filters and we can also provide specific lensing or “looks” upon request. We edit in Davinci Resolve Studio on our custom built PC to ensure the best colors come out.


Our lighting consists of variable-white/bi-color LEDs with a range of 2700K-6500K. We’ll also use reflectors, diffusion and other tools to ensure we capture great energy on camera. We can also provide specific color palates, set design and color blending upon request.


We use standard professional 24-bit/192 kHz recording gear, and depending on the application, we use shotgun mics or lapel mics. For larger productions, we love to partner with Haxton Road Studios for voiceovers, audio recording, mixing, and mastering.

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